Healthcare in Turkey

Moving to a country with a warmer, dryer climate and a more relaxed lifestyle will be great for your overall well being and your health - no more winter aches and pains and no more stressful winter fuel bills either.

And, if you're retiring to Turkey you can still draw your pension; it'll go much further here so you can afford to eat healthily with plenty of fresh meat, fruit and vegetables. You'll also find lots of ways to keep fit, from swimming in the sea to walking or joining a local health club.

Hopefully it won't happen, but if you do fall ill or have an accident in Turkey, you can be confident in the standard of care you'll receive as healthcare in Turkey compares favourably to the level of care you get under the NHS.

Common health concerns:

  • The heat: Keep out of the sun at the hottest part of the day, drink plenty of water or juice and take more salt, wear a hat and use plenty of high factor sun cream.
  • Medication: You can buy almost all prescription drugs over the counter in Turkey - just show the pharmacist the name of what you're taking or the box it came in.
  • Water: In built up areas it's usually safe to drink the tap water although the local water is full of minerals and tends to be 'hard', in more rural areas it's safer to stick to bottled water - if you're not sure, just ask.
  • Doctors: Our property advisors can tell you where to find your nearest doctor.
  • Hospitals: Foreign residents who are working and paying their social security contributions get a card which allows them to use the Turkish public health services for free. All other foreign residents will have to pay, so private health insurance will be necessary.
  • Dentists: There are no fixed charges for dental work in Turkey, so it's a good idea to agree the fees in advance. Dentists are of a good standard and are far cheaper than 'back home'
  • Pharmacies (Eczane's): Usually open from 9.00 am - 7.00 pm during weekdays with one emergency pharmacy open 24/7 in each neighborhood.

When you book an inspection visit you may be able to meet expats who can answer any specific questions you have about healthcare in Turkey.

Quick Facts:

  • * Prescription drugs are often cheaper than in the UK
  • * Most dental treatments cost less too
  • * Cosmetic dental work is a lot cheaper and excellent quality
  • * In a medical emergency, telephone 112